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Discover Magical City - Sarajevo - City of Joy


Sarajevo Cultural Tour - Pricelist

Walking tour to the SARAJEVO's Hearth of old Ottoman quarter.

See the old Turkish Caravan hotel, Mosque, bazar(shopping center) from XVI cent. , Turkish school, library, public kitchen for poor ppl, Turkish baths (the oldest on the Balkans.

Try Bosnian Traditional Food wich will provide you perspective of Oriental flavor of Bosnia.

After that extend with a Austrougarian Romantic-Gothic flavour. You will see Baroque architecture, including visits to the imposing Catholic Cathedral and Orthodox church, National Theater, Post office, First faculty's, Presidential building, the mysterious 'Austro hungarian City Hall and Natinal Library'.

Tour also covers I World War Spot (exposing the main sparkle/trigger for the I world war), the "HECO tower" sight seeing most perfect viewpoint on the City. With our Tour operators you will enjoy both holiday and friendly warmth of local population.
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